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One of the more achievable targets set by the NWP is the access to clean and safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for all.

Prosperity brought by high water-need crops has meant that more farmers have preferred planting more rice and sugarcane.

What are the Issues Of democratic elections In Pakistan. Shortly afterwards General Ayub Khan deposed Mirza and declared himself president. The process for the declaration of the results of elections needs to be revised. It is seen that our parliamentary subcommittee does not at all addressed its task and duties with considerable kind of passion and thoroughness.

We can say that corruption is so much into the peoples blood that anyone who get a chance will found to be corrupt.

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It Is brought to earth by the operation of tube wells and electric motors. Our work with adopted government schools and education management organizations in Sindh demonstrates the benefits of effectively implemented technology solutions in math and science.

It also encourages enhancing recovery and reducing system losses, treatment of industrial effluents and provision of the sustainable supply of water for everyone. No further changes were carried out to oppose the document. The education system of Pakistan is divided into 5 major categories: The economic condition of an average individual is very pathetic.

But it is still the agricultural sector whose water utilization needs to be under the microscope. The policy is still riddled with some significant gaps but at least, it lays out a few principles that ought to be adhered to.

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This major sector is facing serious crisis like the other Pakistan sector due to this literacy rate in Pakistan is increasing day by day. The exploitation of religion just for the sake of political purposes are completely deteriorating the democratic fabric of our country. Strengthening of the Islamic Ideology council.

Towards that end, the policy has also urged the promotion of greater urban water management and revision of urban water tariffs.

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The main purpose of these terror outfits is to unleash terror and promote the cause of terrorism. Like other sectors there is also need to focus in this education too, so that people are able to define their own goals.

Corruption plays a role of termite in the country. These reforms have now been welcomed by all of the democratic-minded citizens. New factories were not set up in the past. But in some ways, it is merely a compilation of suggestions.

In practice, this means convincing the farmers that they will not be hit by a financial loss were they to switch to other crops. This cycle of poverty goes on. The construction of Kalabagh Dam is the need of the time.

Tarnish image of Pakistan world wide Increasing terrorism Shifting of Industry to other countries. The country falls a victim to the shortage of water. The advantage of such a lean startup approach is that it is experimental at very low cost, and can quickly iterate to define a model for successful technology-based learning to be implemented at large scale in Pakistan.

Any of the elections can only and just be termed as democratic if people and citizens of that country call them fair. Previous legislation as Source[ edit ] The successful movement led the establishment of Pakistanindependent from British India in Poverty, hunger and unemployment afflict a large section of the population.

Without any education or awareness about how not to waste water or how to utilize efficient irrigation methods, the wastage will continue. But will such measures have broader utility. Whilst getting these children into the formal education system must be a priority, an even greater priority is ensuring that those children who do attend school get a worthwhile education.

However, you should look at Essay on Load Shedding with outline as well. Unfortunately at present, education system in Pakistan is on the down line. Each of the voters should be getting this feeling that he or she is casting a vote without having any kind of fear. Water sustains life, society and the economy, and therefore, the scope of the crisis involves many actors and solutions need to be integrated.

There are many areas in Pakistan where people do not get water for drinking purpose. Outline of Pakistan topic. The Flag of Pakistan The Coat of arms of Pakistan An enlargeable map of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Pakistan: Pakistan –.

Energy Crisis has, more or less, plagued all sectors of Pakistan’s machinery ranging from economy to industry, agriculture to social life, inflation to poverty and it. Pakistan Outline Map shows the Pakistan country Outline with international boundary and coastline, Find Map of Pakistan Outline in Emapsworld, Explore the Pakistan Outline Map.

Election In Pakistan Essay With Outline. The democratic election in Pakistan is real cause behind causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan. The prime minister directed that immigration counters at the Pakistan-Iran border should be enhanced to facilitate Zaireen in expediting the immigration process.

CURRICULUM OF PAKISTAN STUDIES BS (4 Years) (Revised ) HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION ISLAMABAD. 2 CURRICULUM DIVISION, HEC Pakistan”, as given by our leaders during the freedom movement and after the emergence of Pakistan, the rationale of Pakistan.

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